Outdoor Summer Maintenance Projects – And Then You Relax!

Ah Summer! A time to relax in the shade of that big ole tree in your favorite hammock. But before you pull out your favorite book and pour yourself a cold beverage, you may want to consider something: spending a few minutes a day over the next two weeks doing some simple maintenance may save you time, a headache and some last minute expenses!

Here are some suggestions for chores that can be done in an hour or less – or in short increments – that will make your life easier in the fall and winter.

1. Deck TLC

Whether it’s a front deck or a back one, proper maintenance and repair will keep your outdoor living space fresh and inviting. Summer is a great time to inspect your deck for damage. Are there any nails sticking up? How about the floor boards? All good and solid? Are your railings nice and sturdy? Once you’ve inspected and done necessary repairs, have a look and see if maybe a good power wash would make it sparkle. Or maybe it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.

Check underneath for signs of unwanted guests. Rodents, spiders, and termites find the undersides of outdoor areas particularly attractive. Regular inspection can prevent these pests from taking up permanent residence.

2. Spruce up the exterior

While you’ve got that power washer out, this is a great time to clean the exterior of your home. Using a mild soap, you can turn a hot day into a fun project by washing the exterior of your home with a jet stream of water. You can blast away bird droppings, spider webs and general gunk with the power washer – and it is actually kind of fun! Use this opportunity to inspect your homes’ exterior to make sure no additional repairs will be needed before winter.

Once your home has had its bath and is looking its best, you can then work on the windows. Or you can save this project for another sunny day.

3. Clean out those gutters

While the weather is nice is the perfect time to get those gutters cleaned out and ready for the rainy season. Better yet, consider installing a screen or gutter guard over the gutters so you never have to clean them out again!! A few safety tips though:

First, be sure not to lean your ladder on the gutters. Your gutters are meant to let water drain away from your roof to prevent water damage. Leaning a ladder against the gutter and then climbing that ladder will lead to damage which will prevent your gutters from doing their job. Second, take care not to lean the ladder on or near any electrical wires (for obvious reasons – we hope). Finally never hang on a gutter. It was meant to support water and leaves… not you!

Once you are safely able to reach the gutters, scoop or dig any leaves or debris out of the gutters and then flush them with a hose.

Do not over extend yourself. If you don’t feel safe doing this (or any maintenance task), then you probably aren’t. Call in your favorite Fix-It Professional for help doing this important task.

Next time we’ll talk about summer interior repair.