Bidet – Taking Personal Hygiene To An Advanced Level

Cleanliness can eliminate a variety of health troubles. That is why more and more emphasis is given to personal hygiene today. When using a restroom, proper cleanliness cannot be achieved just by wiping or douching. This has led to invention of bidets. A bidet makes use of a jet of shooting water out of a high pressure nozzle to clean.

It has successfully taken personal hygiene to a new level. It offers hands-free cleansing. It can be installed with your toilet seat irrespective of the size as it is available in a variety of sizes. Now a days, it has become more and more popular because of its following advantages:

• It is very easy to install and you need not make any type of major changes in your bathroom. You do not even have to replace your toilet seat.

• It adds a unique touch to your bathroom furnishings.

• They considerably reduce the chances of infection caused by the urine and faeces.

• They prevent urinary tract infections to a great extent and people suffering from diarrhea, anal tags, rashes, and bacterial infections can vastly benefit from it.

• It allows people with the physical disabilities to maintain their personal hygiene independently.

• Elderly people or those suffering from arthritis and mobility problems can make use of remote operated models for higher convenience.

• It provides the freedom from installing and using rolls and rolls of toilet papers.

It is undoubtedly a modern and well-designed product in maintaining personal hygiene. A wide variety of bidets are available in market to choose from. These include portable seats, the ones with heated seats, pulsating streams, non-electric seats, and built-in dryer heating seats.

The recent advancements in plumbing technologies have provided us with the bidets that are suitable for our variety of needs. After a proper initial installation, if used properly, you need not worry about the maintenance. The basic purpose of using them is to allow the users maintain a state of constant cleanliness after every use of toilet.

Buying it gives you double benefit. Firstly, it allows you to save your money spent on material and labor spent otherwise on the bathroom remodeling. Secondly, it allows you to maintain a much higher level of hygiene. Thus investing in a bidet is a smart move. Save on money spent on the toilet paper, save on electricity, and it will be your individual effort towards saving the environment.