How to Fix a Broken Tap

Number One: Isolate the Water Supply

First find the stop cock for your water supply and turn this off.

Usually it is located under your sink. If the tap with the leak is a double-headed tap, you can cut either just the hot or cold sides off so you can work out which side the leak is on. If you are still uncertain, turn them both off so you won’t have any further leaks.

Number Two: Loosen the Tap

Most taps can be loosened either by unscrewing the top, usually by turning the top in the opposite direction to that needed to turn the water on, or by prising the top off. You then need to undo the screw or nut inside the tap.

Number Three: Now Check the Tap

Now the lid of the tap(s) has been removed you will find a rubber washer at the bottom usually held down by a screw. This is usually your problem. All you need to do is replace this, but before you do, check the base of the tap where the washer lies. Check to see whether this is rough. If this cannot be smoothed over then you will need to take this part with the washer to your local plumbing store so you can make sure you have the correct size part to repair your leaking tap.

Step Four: Replacing the Faulty Tap Part

All you now need do, is put the seat back, put your washer back in the right place and then tighten the screw back down. Really tighten the nut back and then secure the top of your tap. Job done.

How to choose a good plumber?

Finding a decent plumber can be hard, so where do you start?

Usually use the internet or Yellow Pages and then when you have chosen someone ask for references or testimonials from satisfied clients.

Most good plumbers will be only to happy to provide you with these details.

Don’t be afraid to also ask for their accreditation with certain governing bodies to ensure that they are qualified to work at your home or office etc.

You must always ensure that the plumber is insured as sometime even the best can make mistakes and you need to ensure you are always covered.

Finally don’t be scared to ask questions, as the plumber is serving you and you are paying! There are many plumbers who are highly professional out there, look up on the internet and always ask for their credentials and even testimonials from satisfied clients. Also ask if they work for estate agents or hotel chains, as if they do, they will have permanent contracts, as their work merits it. Good luck!