Tips On How To Hide Your Valuables Inside Your Home

Where Do You Hide Your Valuables?

Do you have a clever place inside your home to hide your valuables? Are you definitely sure that a thief won’t look there first?

If you’ve watched tv shows about real burglars, you’ll realize that a robber will pull out all your drawers, flip over your bed mattress, and tear everything off of shelves to get to where he knows you hide your belongings. He is aware of your hidey holes because that’s where HE hides his stuff.

In case you’ve been hiding your money under your mattress or in your underwear cabinet … Yeah, so does everyone else and robbers know it. These are NOT secure places to keep your valuables. From an interview with a burglar, “I would toss everything surrounding the bed.”

I’m going to give you some advice and provide you with some smart ideas for hiding valuables inside your home.

Places Burglars WILL Look For Your Hidden Valuables

Don’t Hide Your Valuables Here:

  • the back of the cabinet in a box
  • the toilet bowl tank
  • around the toilet–boxes of tampons, toilet paper rolls, potpourri
  • cereal boxes
  • refrigerator & freezer
  • beds, pillows, between the mattresses, under the bed and inside something close to the bed

1. Start Simple With Diversion Safes

Hide Your Money in Plain Sight!

    1. The number 1 best way to hide your cash stash or jewelry is a diversion safe! I’ll bet you already know that you can buy a soda can that’s not really a soda can or a can of shaving cream that’s not really shaving cream or an outlet that’s not really an outlet.Although most thieves know about can safes, they don’t have a lot of time to go through every single can of soda or every can of shaving cream to see if it’s the real deal. But be smart and don’t keep a can of fruit cocktail in the bathroom or a, “can of shaving cream,” in the kitchen pantry. Your bratty siblings will never find your hard-earned lawn-mowing money in one of these, just don’t buy a can safe that looks like their favorite drink! These are some of the BEST places to hide jewelry or extra cash and they also make a great gift for college kids. Your average dorm thief will never suspect you have a hidden safe.


    1. Buy a jar of spices from the grocery store. Empty and clean the jar. Use a small paint brush to completely coat the inside of the jar with glue. Fill the jar with the dumped spices and allow to sit. When dry, empty out the excess spices. Spray the inside of the jar, spices and all, with a clear-coat spray to keep them in place. Allow to dry well.


    1. Pick up an old book and simply carve out the interior. I used glue to seal the inside. Can even use a phone book!


  1. Put your valuables in several layers of plastic bags then hide things in hollowed out legs of patio furniture, or metal garden furniture legs, or even the hollow legs of a child’s swingset, or fence post.

Hide The Diversion Safe In Plain View

Wall Safe Or Electrical Outlet?

I see a lot of videos by college-age kiddies showing how easy it is to hide things from their roommate by cutting a square out the carpet in your closet or making holes in the wall. A hole in the floor or the wall isn’t going to fool anyone. This little wall safe will fool thieves and you can hide quite a bit of jewelry and cash in the wall without anyone knowing.

2. Furniture With Secret Compartments, Wall Safes, and Floor Safes

Want something larger and more secure? If a diversion safe isn’t big enough, go one step further and get a wall safe.

Ever since that scene in Casino with “Nicky Santoro” (Joe Pesci) pulling back the carpet in his closet and uncovering a floor safe–I’ve wanted one!

But keep in mind, a safe only working if no one else knows about it. Don’t tell your buddies all about it the next time see them. You never know who THEY’LL tell.

The premise of, “In Cold Blood,” comes to mind. The ex cons broke into the Clutter farmhouse because they were told about a safe with large amounts of cash. Truth be told, there was no safe and the entire family was murdered for nothing.

“I didn’t want to harm the man. I thought he was a very nice gentleman. Soft spoken. I thought so right up to the moment I cut his throat.”

Keep your mouth closed, a secret safe in your home needs to be a secret. And don’t hire the cheapest sketchiest guys to install your home safe. Do it yourself and save yourself the headache.