Home Security – Free Practical Tips You Can Use

For nearly 10 years the most infamous gang of burglars in the United States was called the “dinner set gang.” One of the members of that gang was Walter Shaw, who recently was released from 11 years in prison. He never got caught burglarizing a house. One of his former gang members ratted on him and turned him in.

He claims, among other things, that he burglarized over 2200 homes and there was never a home that he couldn’t get into. He recently co-authored a book called “A License To Steal” where he shared some of his insider secrets.

One of the reasons he was so successful is because he and his fellow gang members cultivated a network of informers such as barbers, bank tellers, beauticians, service technicians, and others that homeowners would talk to and reveal vacation plans or other travel plans to. These tips would provide the burglary gang foolproof information that the homeowners would not be home for extended periods of time.

The number one tip that he passed along was that if you have an alarm system at home, always make sure that it’s on even when you’re there. He said of all the homes they broke into with an alarm system,90% of the time the alarms were not on.

He also said that more and more burglars are working during the day because they’re pretty sure the homeowners are not there. An empty home presents an inviting target for a burglar.

Most burglars don’t even bother with a mask or anything to hide their face because they feel confident that even if neighbors do see them, they will not be able to provide a description and most neighbors do not see them anyway.

He called security cameras “a crook’s kryptonite.” Most burglars do not know how to disable a security system. Sometimes, by the time they see one it is too late.

The master bedroom was the very first place burglars go and the kitchen was the last place they would look for valuables. So he suggested that you keep valuables hidden inside the kitchen. Kitchens are usually in the middle of the home, and it takes too much time to look in every nook and cranny.

He suggested the hiding valuables inside food containers that have hollowed out interiors. No one would think to look in every can or box in your kitchen.

So lock your doors and windows even when you’re home. Don’t make home burglary easy for the bad guys. Follow these free, practical home security tips and make your home a safer place to live.