Coir mats are a great option for your business

Coir is a popular material that can be used to clean dirt off shoes. Coir, which is a hardy coarse material that is excellent for boot scraping due to its stiff and prickly fibers is very useful. Coir is ideal for outdoor use since it can withstand any weather and also foot traffic. Coir, despite its tough and rugged nature, still looks professional and elegant as matting for commercial buildings.

Coir exudes a warm tropical charm reminiscent to the idyllic beaches of Sri Lankan and Indian. Coir’s gorgeous golden-brown color is suitable for both contemporary and traditional decor. Coir is also ecologically friendly. Coconut husk can be made into coco mats and coir products as a by-product of the coconut harvesting process. This is a remarkable model of sustainability.

Custom Coir Mats combine a Coir surface and a vinyl backing, giving you a strong, robust walking boot scraper rug. These mats stand out for their higher performance and richer design. The mat body is denser, stronger, and has more coconut fibers per square inch. This gives the mats a fuller, more luxurious appearance. The fiber glass scrim embedded backing makes the mats more durable and stable.

HD coco mats are a major upgrade over regular grade coco mats. Their wheelchair accessibility is enhanced by a firmer surface that allows wheels to slide across it without sinking into mat fibers.

High Density Vinyl-Back custom logo rug are made out of coconut fibers.

Colored Vinyl Backed Coco Entrance Matts

Vinyl Backed Coco Entrance Mats provide boot-scraping capabilities and eco-friendly goodness. Available in colors to match your office and entrance decor. The vinyl backing is then embedded with the coconut fibers. This results is a full-color mat with rich colors that resist fading from everyday wear.

Coir is a boot scraper, which removes dirt and crumbs from shoes by hiding it in the mat. Coco fiber is another absorbent natural fiber that helps keep moisture from the floors.

Herringbone Coco Runners

Coco Runner Mats may be used to cover entire floors or pathways. They are great for temporary flooring needs such as trade shows or exhibitions, pop-up stores, and other events. These runners provide traction and scraping, just like all coir products. The herringbone weave makes any place look elegant and sophisticated. The mat’s strength and endurance is further enhanced by the weave.

Herringbone Coco Runners have a wide range of uses, both indoors and out.

Personalized Coco Mats

Coco mats can have a name or monogram personalized. You can choose from five different colors for your prints: green, black, blue, red and red. A variety of borders are also available. These custom logo rug are ideal for residential use as well as business owners who do not have formal stores or family businesses. They radiate a warm and elegant vintage elegance.

These custom logo rug can be personalized with a line or name of your choosing. Some prefer to inlay their branding on their entrance mat. These mats are easy to print and inlay company branding, logos, taglines and other brand assets.