How to Maximise the Space in Your Garage

Does retrieving something from your garage feel akin to a reconnaissance mission to the heart of the Vietnamese jungle? Is your garage floor nowadays a thing of myth? Is the space so laden with chaotic clutter that your car hasn’t been able to live in it for years?

If you answer yes to any of the above, then the chances are that your garage needs a revamp. A good garage is a vital storage room, and an essential part of the home, but a cluttered, disorganised space helps no one. So how can we best make the most of a garage? How can we store our belongings in a garage without it becoming cluttered? How do we maximise the space in a garage? Here are 5 top tips:

Get rid of the junk

First and foremost, to create space in a garage and get the most out of it, you need to throw away anything you don’t need. Simply ask yourself a question: do I need it? If you don’t, then get rid. This will really help you get organised, leaving you only with the things you definitely use – and considerably more space to work with.

Clean, clean, clean

Once you’ve removed the junk that you don’t need, it’s a great opportunity to give the garage a real clean. It’s well known that a clean space will feel more airy, welcoming and spacious, so get the hoover out to eradicate all the dust and dirt that’s congregated over the years. And if you’re really looking to rejuvenate the garage then why not give it a new lick of paint? You’ll certainly notice the difference afterwards.

Store overhead and on the walls

Effective storage is an essential part of maximising a garage’s space, and although tool cupboards and shelves are important for keeping a range of accessories in an ordered and accessible fashion, they are using up floor space that is usually in scarce supply. By making use of the overhead storage space with some clever shelves which hang from the ceiling, you’re able to make use of all the ample space that’s available.

Plus, the walls are another place where it is much better to put storage – giving you more space on the floor for other things. Invest in some shelving units and you’ll have plenty of space on the walls to store whatever you want – and if you want to save some money you could do some DIY and put them up yourself.

Mark out where your car will live

Most garages were built with the intention of being a ‘car hole’, where a person’s motor can be safely stored and protected from the elements when not in use. And so, if you have an automobile that you’re looking to store in the garage, it’s wise to mark out where your it’s going to go before installing or placing any permanent accessories.


It’s all well and good getting rid of your unwanted items and investing in new, innovative storage, but if you’re not going to give your new-look garage the organisation it deserves then it will descend back into anarchy in no time. It’s not hard to decide that specific drawers will house different accessories, but doing this will ensure you enjoy a spacious, enjoyable garage in the long run.