Never Underestimate the Destructive Potential of Squirrels

Squirrels are some of the cutest creatures around but unfortunately they are also some of the most destructive causing a lot of headaches among property owners.

Squirrels as a serious pest problem

Squirrels are some of the cutest creatures around but unfortunately they are also some of the most destructive causing a lot of headaches among property owners. A squirrel’s strong teeth enable it to do a lot more than gnawing on trees.

Squirrels can end up ruining home decorations, damaging electrical insulations and turn sidings into confetti. A lot of property owners anticipate the possible presence of squirrels in and around their home and manage to get ahead of the problem with preventive pest control but others aren’t so lucky. If you think that squirrels are nothing more than a minor annoyance then you better think again.

What goes bump in the night?

A lot of people often complain of unexplained footsteps in the middle of the night which can cause quite a fright among homeowners. Many quickly attribute it to the presence of paranormal activity when they may simply have squirrels walking about in their attic. In enclosed spaces, the sounds that these critters make can be significantly magnified through acoustics making them sound more than what it really is. Some people go as far as hiring paranormal experts that often uncover the source of eerie noises as the nocturnal activity of squirrels.

Property damage

There are a lot of reports out there about homeowners waking up one day only to see that squirrels have left their home in ruins. These critters often enter homes through chimneys and soil or gnaw at anything they can get their hands on – curtains, furniture, window frame and carpets. Needless to say, these critters can cause a lot of damage resulting to thousands of dollars in repair expenses.

Of course the destructive potential of squirrels is not limited to homeowners. These critters can also end up damaging power lines all over the country costing utility companies millions of dollars year after year in repairs. Squirrels are known to chew through power lines simply out of curiosity and such behavior can lead to power outages which can be quite an inconvenience for many people.

Professional pest control for squirrels

Are squirrels wreaking havoc in your home? Are such critters particularly common in your area? Perhaps it is time to consider bringing in the services of qualified and reputable pest controller. Rodent pest control specialists can help you identify problem areas, assess risks and cut off possible entry and exit points as well as the installation of traps and barriers that discourage the presence of such rodents. Professional pest exterminators may also uncover other types of pest infestation that homeowners may not even know about – cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, termites and many more!

Now cost may seem significant but many would agree that the cost of solutions is chump change compared to the destructive potential of such critters. You may not have seen the presence of squirrels in and around your home but that’s no reason to wait – would you rather wait until these critters manage to wreak havoc in your property? When it comes to pest control, prevention is a lot better than cure and the earlier you manage to pest-proof your home for squirrels, the better the results.