Boiler Repair – When Do You Need To Get One?

A boiler is an appliance that helps in increasing the temperature of water and thereafter pumps it through the house. It is usually a part of a large heating system. Some boilers pump the steam that emits from hot water, instead of pumping the water itself.

Boilers can be gas powered (usually propane or natural gas is used) or oil powered. They are usually connected to a set of radiators that are made up of cast iron or steel. As the water or steam passes through the radiators, the room temperature automatically rises.

Boiler repair is very important as delay in fixing a boiler can burn a hole in your pocket. Matters related to gas can be very dangerous and it would be the best to consult a professional technician if you feel there is a problem in your boiler.

Some of the common boiler defects are as follows:

  • With due course of time, boilers may face chipping of refractory surfaces. This can be a very big problem as refractory surfaces are responsible for handling extreme heat.
  • Pressure problems are also common when it comes to boilers. A boiler will work properly only if the water pressure is constant. Problem arises when there is a loss of water pressure.
  • Water leakage is another issue with boilers. It can be a very petty problem in the beginning but gradually it may take a serious shape. The pressure of your boiler should be kept in between 1 and 1.5 level. If it drops below 0.5 or goes above 2.5 levels, you might face a water leakage problem.
  • Abnormal pressure readings on your boiler can be because of a blockage. Blockages can take place in any portion of a boiler and hence cause problems in operation.

Most boiler issues are difficult to diagnose at a glance and might take some time for you to notice them. Poor heat maintenance, irregular noises, etc. are the only signs of a faulty boiler. To ensure proper functioning of your boiler you can keep a regular check on the thermostat, fuses, switches, pressure gauge, water level, radiator valves and air vents.

A boiler is a complicated appliance that should not be dealt by someone who does not have sufficient knowledge in this field. Performing any major repairs on your own on your boiler is strongly discouraged as a lot of danger is involved in boiler repair. Chicago has eminent technicians who can take care of your faulty boiler.