Rain, Shine Or Anytime – Cool Ideas For the Umbrella, Even Without the Showers

People often underestimate how versatile umbrellas are in our daily lives. Sure in the movies everyone from Mary Poppins to Penguin have shown just how useful umbrellas can be, but are there any other practical purposes for the umbrella other than deflecting the sunshine or the rain? Of course there are! With something as beautifully and simply constructed as the umbrella the possibilities are endless!

So what can you use the umbrella for apart from a gigantic cover for your head? Here are a few ideas that may inspire you to bring your umbrella along, even in calm weather:

* Practice putter: The avid golf fan may find a little more playing waiting for him in his back yard, with a hole, a few golf balls and an umbrella. Though practicing with an overturned umbrella won’t exactly make you Tiger Woods overnight, it’s a lot of fun! You can even organize tournaments in your back yard for you and friends.

* Chair parasol: When you just want to relax or lounge in the outdoors with your favorite chair or lazy boy and the sun is in your eyes, what can you do? Go back inside? No! All you need is to connect your umbrella to the back rest of your chair. Using a golf umbrella will make sure that it’s gonna be easy to relax in the immensity of your shade. Woo hoo!

* Baton: When your life is in danger, the umbrella could be your best friend when it comes to self defense. One swing to the jaw will make your attacker see stars and a strike to the solarplexus with the umbrella’s point will make him or her lose their breath. Amazing, amazing tool when all other options are exhausted.