Thinking About Installing Laminate Flooring? 5 Common Questions About the Process

Laminate flooring can be a beautiful addition to your home, especially if you have a modest home improvement budget. Many people choose to install this type of flooring themselves. The process can be easy, but you still may have some questions. Here are some common questions asked about installing your flooring:

Can I Install This Flooring On Stairs?

Yes, laminate planks can be installed on stairs. However, you may face some interesting measurements that have to be done very carefully. You will also need to glue the planks down with wood glue, while the moldings should be nailed down. Take into consideration that laminate can be very slippery, so you may want to think about installing a runner or take other precautions to prevent slipping.

Can I Install It On Top Of Carpet Padding?

No, you cannot install laminate flooring over old carpet padding. Carpet padding is too thick for laminate installation. You will need to remove the old carpet padding and install a thinner padding meant specifically for this type of floor covering.

How Do I Cut The Laminate Planks?

You can use any type of saw you are comfortable with, but many manufacturers recommend a table saw for straight cuts and a jigsaw for angular cuts. Take care when cutting angles and odd corners. You may want to purchase extra flooring in case you make a mistake. You could also enlist the help of a friend who is good at these types of cuts.

Do I Really Need Underlayment?

Underlayment, also known as padding, is a material that goes down on the floor and serves as a base for the laminate. It helps the laminate flooring bow and flex properly and allows the flooring to expand and contract when weather changes occur.

Is Laminate Appropriate For Bathroom Flooring?

Yes, in some cases laminate flooring is fine for bathroom installation. However, you need to check the manufacturer’s recommendations when you are purchasing your laminate. Some brands may not work while others will. Also take into consideration that some manufactures may void their warranty if the flooring is installed in a bathroom or other high moisture areas. Most brands have wet area installation guides. You may have to seal the floor around the area of the room to keep the moisture from getting underneath.

Laminate flooring is an easy fix to a room with unflattering flooring. Make sure you do some research on the entire process before diving in. If you have any issues during the process, a visit to a home improvement store with a list of questions may help you with your installation issues.