DIY Tips to Change a Kitchen or Bathroom Tap

To change a tap is an easy task. Many jobs need a professional person to complete a task, but changing a tap is a task where you can DIY. Keeping a few tips in mind one can easily change a tap. All you require to have certain tools which will do the job. These tools you will get from a hardware store. Tools you will need are Plumber tape or thread tape, tap washers, silicone, duct tape, torch, clean rag, adjustable pliers, hacksaw, screwdriver, vice grips, etc. These tools are not enough to complete all the work of replacing kitchen or bathroom taps.

There are many more tools that a plumber used. But these tools can almost help in changing the taps easily and quickly. So, the following are the tips you can DIY to change kitchen or bathroom taps.

Close down the water supply

You will need to close down the water supply. Replacing the tap cannot be done in the running water. You have to turn off the supply of water from the stopcock. If this part is done then follow the next step.

Disconnection of taps

Water pipes are of two types: flexible and standard. If a pipe is flexible then loosen the nuts from the main pipe. Use adjustable pliers. If a pipe is standard then use an open-handed spanner to loosen the screw.

Remove the old taps

Now remove the old tap by removing the nuts which you have to loosen in the second step. If you remove nuts and taps, clean the residue.

Clean the surface

Clean the surface of the tap. Be careful not to use any chemical that can damage the surface. You can take time as there is no need to hurry.

Install the tap

Install the new tap by replacing the old one. You will need PTFE tape. Wrap it, if this is done, fit the new tap.

Reconnect the main supply

After installing the taps, reconnect the supply of water. Screw the nuts in the connectors of the main pipe and tighten it. Use an open-handed spanner for this. Also, hold the connector which can release lots of pressure.

Now that you know how to change and install the tap, you will not have to wait for any plumber to do it on your own. However, if you want to do it via a professional, make sure to choose the right platform. Also, for additional help, you can check out this link –

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