House Cleaning – How to Stock Your Caddy

For a truly speedy and thorough tidying up job, every worker should own a house cleaning caddy. “What is this?” you ask. It’s the answer to quick and efficient household cleanliness, that’s what. The house cleaning caddy is a rubber or plastic tote with compartments ready and willing to hold all that you will need for a rapid run through of your home. Every time an individual has to stop working to leave the room in order to locate a cleanser, it is time lost in the mad dash toward efficiency. Get a caddy, stock it well and you will be glad you did. Here is what you need.

Caddy – Nearly every janitorial supply or discount store will have an aisle full of these products. They come in an array of cheerful colors such as lime green, hot pink or lavender. Why settle for boring white when you can have a zingy and bright color to encourage you as you make your rounds?

Abrasive cleanser – Everyone needs a bit of abrasive cleanser such as Comet or a generic alternative. The bathtub or kitchen sink will be scoured fresh with a sprinkle and wipe down.

Mirror or window cleaner – A product such as Windex or something similar to it will be helpful for shower doors, mirrors and glass sliders.

All purpose spray-on cleanser – An all purpose spray-on product will be appropriate for counter tops, doors and every other surface besides wood.

Wood polish and cleanser – A good lemon wood polish with built in cleanser to condition and clean wooden products such as furnishings, stair rails and molding should be ready and waiting.

Rags – A couple of cloth rags plus paper towels should be kept in the caddy. One rag should be designated for each cleanser so that it can be used again during the travels throughout the home. Paper towels are perfect for really messy, greasy areas as they can be thrown away immediately.

Old toothbrush – Nothing gets grime out of small spaces such as around drains, etc. like an old discarded toothbrush. Don’t throw them away, throw them into your cleaning caddy.

Razor blade – In order to chisel off tough calcified deposits, a razor blade is a tool of choice. Scrape those stubborn areas into cleanliness.

Plastic trash bags – Have a large plastic trash bag available to dump small wastebaskets into. New liners for the wastebaskets should be stored beneath the one that is being utilized.

Feather duster – While some surfaces need a thorough waxing, others will be fine with a feather dusting. This is a time saver that presents a “good enough” result.

Large tools such as a broom, mop and bucket will have to be kept separately and hauled from room to room. The methodology is to start at one end of the house and move from up to down and left to right before exiting and heading to the next room. Make it a challenge to not stop but to keep the pattern going. Turn on some music and make it fun – dancing around with your bright house cleaning caddy.